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Portrait Stefan

Hi, there! I'm Stefan de Graaf, a freelancer from the Netherlands and love what I do: building websites and webapplications. I'm dedicated, work hard and aren't happy with the end result until the client is. Currently 10 years in the e-business specialising in usability and front-end development and doing back-end work as well. I've been freelancing for the last 8 years and always strive for perfection in every design and coding job. For larger projects I sometimes work together with other freelancers.

I am currently employed with Let's Talk in Breda, the Netherlands, mainly as frontend developer and currently transitioning to full-stack developer (frontend, backend and hybrid mobile apps).

As a hobby, I photograph events, sports, wildlife and am currently venturing in the field of portraiture and wedding photography. Other hobbies include reading, learning new things / improving skills, working on my own projects and occasionally catch a movie. When I have some extra spare time, I like to create my own games and tinker with native mobile development for iOS and Android.